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QHHT® is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon over a span of 45 years. It delves deeper than traditional hypnosis, allowing exploration of past lives and other dimensions of reality.
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BQH is another regression technique offered online, focusing on resolving family and relationship issues, understanding emotional patterns and illness, and expanding self-awareness and connection with the universe.
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Holistic Counselling sessions, lasting around 1.5-2 hours, provide an opportunity to discuss specific areas of concern in your life, such as emotional patterns, illness, relationships, and spiritual path.
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Love is the most powerful force in the world. If people tell you that the opposite of love is fear, it is not so. Love just is. Love has no opposite. Remember that, dear one. Love has no opposite. Love just is. It is the answer to everything. Everything.
— Dolores Cannon
  • In all honesty, i knew very little about Quantum Healing before my session with Sam. Sam was recommended to me from a female friend and it seemed like a worthy experience for me and my spiritual journey. Initially, it was a little daunting entering a strangers house, knowing that i would have to be vulnerable with this person for several hours. For the first little while we talked and i got to understand Sam and his nature. His intentions were genuine and he really just wanted to be part of the healing process. I could tell that he had done alot of spiritual growth in his life and that became really inspiring to me. He's got alot of knowledge and wisdom which he was happy to share. As a result i was able to surrender in front of Sam as we went into the healing process. It was a deep deep healing experience for me, lots of tears and lots of grief left my body. Whilst my subconscious revealed all this wisdom that i didnt know was in me. Thanks Sam! I'm forever grateful!


  • Qhht could be thought of as a process of remembering who you are on this journey towards home and wholeness. Sam facilitates this beautiful journey by holding non judgmental space and allowing all things to arise and resolve in good time. I would highly recommend this journey with Sam as ‘guide’ and as Qhht therapist. This transformational and nuanced journey is held by him with compassion, light and humour.


  • Sam is a truly conscious soul and Quantum Healing Practitioner paying forward his knowledge, care and time to those who wish to discover their true selves. Sam’s patience, deep listening and attunement meant that I could drop into deeper layers of myself and dialogue with my sub-conscious. It was a fascinating process and an unforgettable experience that led to solidifying truths about my soul path and pathway to access my true self


  • Thank you for your QHHT. I think this really works well for me. As I went to my counselling session this week, my counsellor told me that I am so refreshed and look like a different person. I told her my session with you that has really helped me. And yes indeed it really helps me. I feel, I speak firmly most of the time like my subconscious mind, knowing who I really am, what I want and what to do at work, in life and particularly the incident that has impacted me lately. Now my emotions towards the unwanted aspect and irrelevant person are minimized.


  • I had a QHHT session with Sam and it was a transformative experience. QHHT can help you learn a lot about yourself and the world. It was amazing to go through a past life, and see how it linked to the current situation in my life now. I felt so comfortable with Sam guiding me through the process. He was warm, listened attentively and I had all my questions answered. Thank you so much again Sam!


  • Very good fortune led me to do ten one-hour holistic counselling sessions with Sam, and a Beyond Quantum Healing session, which went for four hours. Working with Sam has broadened my horizons and helped me to develop spiritually in what must indeed be a powerfully quantum way, because it feels major, and describing it is really difficult! What I can say for certain is that I felt completely safe, which is saying a lot. Sam says he will always keep learning, and that makes him one of those therapists who can truly help, in my experience, which has included sessions with various conventional counsellors, over many years. The sessions were all very gentle, and yet had a strong therapeutic effect, which is still unfolding, weeks later, and I have the impression that there’s still a lot more unfolding to come. There is a great sense of having become more complete, which is new to me. It is allowing me to change a lot of habits, and allowing me to approach the brass tacks of massively rearranging my life. Unhesitatingly recommended. I believe that working with Sam will be helpful to anyone who is courageous enough to want to develop spiritually, resolve issues, become lighter and more free.


  • His energy during the session guided me into a deep state of hypnosis, where I received so many answers and gained further clarity to my purpose in life. I highly recommend a session with Sam! It’s truely life changing.


  • I recently completed Quantum healing sessions with Sam, and I have to say it was wonderful! Sam was extremely professional in his approach, taking the time to explain the process and give context about the practice. He was passionate about it and eager to understand my specific issues and customize the sessions accordingly, which really helped me to get the most out of each session. What really stood out to me was Sam's flexibility with online sessions, which allowed us to find a time that was most convenient for me and really helped me to relax and focus. He also created a safe and non-judgmental space where I felt comfortable being myself and truly focusing on the practice. Sam also provided practical tips that I could easily incorporate into my everyday life outside of our sessions. Overall, I feel like these sessions have helped me to go deeper and address underlying issues that I didn't even realize were affecting me. Sam's passion for learning and exploring new ways to enhance the healing practice really demonstrated his commitment to helping me achieve optimal results. I highly recommend Sam to anyone looking for a transformative healing experience.

    Good luck with your practice! :)


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